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My most recent tracks are inspired by the beat generation - cool, jazzy like out of a club in "The Village." Ya dig?!

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In his fourth ANTHOLOGY, Tony Caravan continues the conversation on some of the most important issues affecting our lives.

As in his previous works, the essays, songs and graphics paint a picture of a world much different than the one depicted on the nightly newscasts and in the mainstream newspapers and blogs. We see America and the world un-filtered through compassionate eyes; that not only see the truth, but ask the all-important question: why?

Where his previous book, UPHEAVAL, may be considered a primer to many of these topics, THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING is a journey for the mind.

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This is the fifth anthology by a man now known as a beat poet and scathing critic of 21st Century society and its memes.

This collection of works cuts through to the root causes of the plague of dehumanization, neo-Feudalism and the Great Deceptions.

If you ever felt that something wasn't right about your life, the culture and the things around you, this book will confirm your suspicions and enlighten you.

"You are a wage-slave, you are a serf,

you work your whole life,

 just to pay the bills;

and when it's all over,

you've got nothing but debts,

you're destitute and broke,

sick and alone."

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Everything You Know Is Wrong (EYKIW)

 The lyrics are in the "Handbook." This song is right on with what's happening now...

<< A Sharp Sword

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Self-Driving Cars

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